UK Residents: Check out these Top Finance Comparison Sites

Maybe you need a micro loan to start that new small business, or perhaps a larger advance to throw down on a new automobile or home?  Regardless of what you might be interested in doing or achieving, the fact is that it’s now time to do something and money is the only cure.  Sure, you could jet around on foot, scheduling interviews with countless lenders in order to determine which company to go with, but what’s the point?  We live in the digital age where it’s fairly easy to perform this type of research in the comfort of your own home base.  What you need is a trustworthy ally, and a site specializing in finance company comparisons will definitely be able to help you in this capacity.  Each of the following examples provides invaluable data to UK residents just like you on a daily basis…

There are plenty of likable features which are accessible via spanning everything from assistance with personal shopping to tools for calculating the various aspects of large bank loans (and everything in-between).  This isn’t some kind of lackluster site that’s been shoddily designed either, it’s a well thought-out destination which incorporates things like professional advice and reviews as well.  Whether you’re interested in comparing loan rates or just need some ideas about what sorts of deals might be available to you (in whatever area), it’s really a useful site.  Aside from being able to instantly calculate broadband and utility costs, you can also compare insurance quotes and even explore investment opportunities.

While you can use as a comparison site, it actually functions best as a sort of financial “search tool” of sorts.  In other words, those who might be in search of options with regards to savings, ISA’s, off-shoring, or annuities, will definitely be able to use this site to great effect.  In addition to this you’ll also find all the standard areas covered as well (like utilities, banking, mortgages, loans and more).  In essence, the point of the site is to help you make better financial decisions, and that’s exactly what their unique blend of tools allows you to do.

Upon arriving on the splash page you’ll notice immediately accessible buttons which allow you to calculate costs for both car and home insurance.  For all intents and purposes, this appears to be the site’s main focus, but don’t let it fool you, they’ve covered many other bases as well.  For instance, you can investigate travel, energy, phone/ internet, business as well as general money issues while also comparing costs from various providers at the same time.  Assuming you need coverage for your car, van, motorbike, or (yes, even a) caravan – they have you covered.  Likewise, all aspects of property, business, lifestyle and travel coverage can be found here as well.

Aside from offering a very wide range of services covering all the basics, part of the charm of is its interface, which is stripped-down and rather easy to navigate.  For the person who wants access to a more simplified financial comparison site experience, this is perhaps the best destination for you.  All forms of vehicle, life and property insurance are available (including coverage for your pet) along with specific financial information dealing with everything from credit cards and loans to saving and mortgages.  As they say, “it’s the easier way to save”, which is pretty much apt in this instance.


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