Top Finance Comparison Sites for UK Residents

If you’re a UK resident and need to finance that new home or auto purchase, paying a visit to a comparison site is pretty much a must.  Not only can you use these websites like a stats sheet, essentially looking at all the pros and cons of each provider, but they can also often help to mitigate your (bad) credit problems as well.  Regardless of the reason, the fact is, you need capital and the only way to effectively (and legally) receive it is to go through some financial institution.  Here are some of the top finance comparison sites to consider if you’re a UK resident…

Touting the ability to compare rates for everything from loans and insurance to energy and shopping, is a powerhouse site which can help you compare and contrast rates from across the board.  Additionally, you can tally up costs from multiple selected items and services in order to figure our just how much everything’s going to cost.  In short, it’s a very useful utility for not only comparing elements of personal finance, but also in organizing your life.

Yet another great site which can be used for evaluating various aspects of everyday finance is  Whether you’re simply trying to cut down costs on your water bills, need help with debts or require access to loan calculation tools, this site is for you.  Moreover, it also houses an incredible amount of information regarding government incentives, reclaims and more.  If you’re more interested in shopping, travel, banking or insurance, don’t worry – they’ve got you covered there as well.

Calling itself “the best online comparison site”, is a sleek, streamlined destination which can be used to distinguish the differences in a wide range of areas.  Most notably, their focus is in banking, loans and insurance.  However, they also have on-site utility calculators as well as investment information.  Additionally you’ll discover guides, professional advice and even user reviews which you can use to personally assess each and every important financially-related decision in your life.


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