The Retiree’s Guide to Affording the Trip of a Lifetime

You’ve retired at last. It’s been a long time coming, but now you have nothing tying you down. The kids have all left home and are starting their own families. You can sleep in as late as you want; there’s no more going to bed early because you have to work the next morning. You can go to bed early because you want to. Now you have all this spare time on your hands, what on earth should you do? It’s the perfect time to take that trip you’ve always wanted. While some people say you should travel between school and university, retirement is the best time to travel. Unfortunately, you don’t have a chunk of money saved up, and your pension won’t take you around the world. Not to worry – there are plenty of ways to finance that trip of a lifetime.


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Get a Part-time Job

Perhaps now that you’ve retired you don’t even want to work again. But many people get bored when they realise they’re not sure what to do with themselves. If you’re the sort of person who can’t stand to have too much leisure time, but you don’t want to work full-time, consider a part-time job. You might think that you’re too old for a part-time job, but there are lots of jobs you can do that aren’t too strenuous. Plus, if you take a temporary job you only have to work until the contract is finished. Some people work for a bit to save up and then go travelling. Then they do the same thing again.

Run a Business

If you really, really can’t stand too much leisure time, start your own business. You can use your decades of knowledge from your previous career or cash in on a long-standing or new hobby. Perhaps you already like making things in your spare time and you could start selling your wares at a market stall or online. Some businesses are ideal for travelling at the same time too, like writing services or photography. You can do anything where you only need an internet connection and perhaps a few portable tools from almost anywhere in the world.

Cash in on Your House

Retirees who own their house should look into ways to make money from it. Look at a guide on reverse mortgages to see if you can make money from the equity on your home. Other ways to make money from your house include renting spare rooms out and even renting the whole house. Using homeshare websites, you can rent your house to travellers while you travel yourself. Instead of leaving it empty you’re making money from it as you enjoy yourselves. Or, instead of making money from your house, swap with someone else. It won’t cost you a thing and will save you a major expense.

You should do what you can to save for that special trip. There’s nothing stopping you from going and you’ll regret it if you never go. Bring back some stories for the grandkids.


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