Simple Ways To Make Your House Move Easier On Your Children

It’s no big secret that moving house can be extremely stressful. It all relies on multiple things coming together at the right time which can make even the most cool-headed person anxious. But moving with children can make the moving process even more challenging. Even if you’re only moving a few streets away, many kids find this change upsetting and confusing. Thankfully there are some things that all parents can do to help make this experience more enjoyable and less stressful for all. So take a look at these simple ways you can make this exciting change in your life, easier on your family.


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Get their feedback

If you have older children, get them involved by asking for their ideas and feedback on their new home. You can use real estate sites like Linden Homes to show them the room layouts, garden and the house exterior. Or if you don’t live too far away, take a drive or organise a viewing to show you kid’s the house up close. This will take a lot of the mystery out of what their new home will look like, which will put them more at ease. Ask for their opinions on the house and encourage them to choose their own room. They may still be upset about the move so don’t be shocked if their feedback is negative to begin with. Just try to show them the benefits and positives of the move and they will soon come around.

Let them help

Now your children have a better idea of what the house looks like, try to encourage them to help you with decorating ideas. They may feel anxious about staying in a room that doesn’t feel like their own. So show them interiors magazines or use sites like Pinterest to find fun kid’s room ideas and themes they could have in the new house. This freedom is bound to get them excited and help them settle in a lot quicker. Also, ask them to help you pack up their bedrooms by giving them a couple of boxes to fill. Turn it into a game so it continues to be fun throughout.

Visit the area

If you’re moving to a different part of the country or an area you aren’t too familiar with, plan a family visit. You could head to local attractions such as parks, restaurants and shops and get a feel for the area. This will also help you show your kids how beneficial the move could be for them. During your visit, look out for kid’s clubs, events or play centres which you could visit after the move. Your children may find it difficult to leave their friends behind. So taking them to these places will allow them to socialise with new friends and make them feel much happier.

With these ideas to help you, your move will be seen in a more positive light by all. Remember that you hold a tremendous amount of influence over your children. So no matter how stressed out you might be, always make sure your attitude towards the move is enthusiastic and exciting. So start planning your move and get your children involved as much as possible.



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