Saving Money on Your Winter Energy Bills is a No-brainer with These Easy Tips

With the winter rapidly approaching, it will soon be time to switch your heating on. But many people can’t afford to heat their house all winter. And even those who can afford to don’t want to waste all their money on energy bills. Prices have risen in recent years and continue to climb, so an increasing amount of people are looking for ways to cut back. Electricity bills rise in winter too, with lights turned on more and people cooking hot meals with electric stoves. You don’t have to sit in the cold and dark in order to save money on your energy bills. There are lots of sensible ways to cut back and reduce your costs.

Compare Prices

No matter what sort of heating you have in your home, it’s always a good idea to shop around. Most people will simply settle for what they’ve got, but you could find a cheaper solution. If you have gas central heating or electric heating provided by a gas and electric company, compare different providers to see if switching will save you money. Homes heated by oil can’t be changed as easily, but you can be sensible about looking for oil providers. Compare prices of different sellers, but don’t forget that some sites, such as Direct Oil, won’t be on the comparison sites. Even if you don’t have electric heating, check your electricity provider too. You’ll be using more electricity in the winter, with the lights on for longer, so it’s worth checking if you can save.


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Make Home Improvements

If you suffer from a cold house, even with the heating at full blast, it can help to make some adjustments to your home. These improvements can range from buying area rugs to insulating your attic or roof space. Some home improvements will be more demanding and more expensive than others. But many are very simple and easily fixed. Go around your house looking for drafts and blocking them up. If you don’t know where the cold air is leaking in, try going around the edge of the room with a lit candle. When the candle flickers or goes out, you’ve found your leak. If your house isn’t well insulated, insulation can make a huge difference to how well it keeps the heat in. Look into having the house properly insulated. It will cost a bit of money but in the long-term you’ll make a saving.

The Little Things

Even if you can’t afford to spend any money, there are lots of little ways you can reign in your spending on energy bills. Firstly, be firm with yourself about when you need the heating on and how high you need it. Don’t suffer if you’re freezing, but don’t immediately turn the heat up as soon as there’s a slight chill. Use sweaters and blankets before you think about turning the heat up. You can do the same with your electricity bill too. Do you need all of the lights on if you’re only in one room? Try to avoid using electric heater and blankets too, because these consume a lot of energy.


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