Key Things to Consider Before You Rent


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Moving is a stressful time in anybody’s life. It’s said that the two most stressful things a person can do in life is get married and move house. These days it’s difficult to afford either. But if you need to move you could always rent rather than buying. The rental market is murky and complex, and there’s so much to take into account.

But, to help you out here are some things to think about before you decide to rent:


The first thing you need to think about is the budget. You need to think about how much you can realistically afford to spend on a weekly or monthly basis. Make sure you don’t price yourself beyond your means. You’ve got to be able to cover your rental payments each month. Work out your monthly income and expenditure and try to work out what you can comfortably afford. You might want to get somebody to help you with this process. But it’s a vital part of the rental procedure.


You’re going to want to take the location into account too. Pay a visit to for a selection of some of the best rental opportunities in London. But be sensible, it’s easy to say that you’re happy to live anywhere within your budget. But this is often a foolish approach to have. You need to do research into the areas where you see a property you like. Do you want to live in a run down area with high crime rate? Do you want to live in a nice, suburban backdrop with good schools? Bear in mind that if an area is nice it will be more expensive to live there.

Long-Term or Short-Term Let

Decide whether you’re looking to rent long-term or short-term. This might determine the kind of places you’re able to apply for. Many properties offer only short-term lets, these are ideal for people passing through. But for someone looking for a long-term move this isn’t what you want. The majority of places will offer longer term options. For example, they might offer a six-month lease with the option to extend afterwards. The most common will be six to twelve months.


A major factor to consider before renting is the issue of utilities. You’re going to have to incur charges for gas, electricity and water usage. You’ll also need to stump up for council tax. Now, you’ll have two option regarding utilities when you rent. You’ll either pay rent and then pay bills on top of that each month or quarter. They’ll be split evenly between you and your housemates. The other option is to pay one monthly amount that covers all bills and council tax. The all inclusive option is the easiest, but it depends on where you can find.

Furnished or Unfurnished

As with all rentals, you’ll be faced with the option/issue of furnished or unfurnished properties. Now, whichever you prefer will depend upon your circumstances. If you have minimal stuff and not much money, you’ll want to go with a furnished place. However, if you have a lot of stuff, you might prefer to get an unfurnished place. Also, some furnished properties might be a little funny about replacing their things with yours. So if you’ve got your heart set on your own stuff, this might be a dealbreaker.



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