How To Save Money On Your Next Business Trip

Most business owners spend a fortune when meeting clients abroad. A business trip can cost the company thousands of dollars if you aren’t careful. You need to look for cutbacks wherever you can find them. The suggestions below should help you to get started. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re making or how well the firm is performing. You should never waste any money you don’t have to spend. At some point in the future, things might start to deteriorate. When that happens, you’ll regret being so careless with your finances.

  • Fly economy


Have you seen the difference in price between business class and economy? Those of you who want to make your business better will need to limit your spending. We did some research online and discovered that corporate travelers end up paying around 90% more than everyone else. In some instances, the figure is even higher. We found a flight from Maryland to Vancouver that cost $2,000 in business class. You could get the same flight for only $300 if you were willing to travel with normal people. It’s a no-brainer. Spending $1,700 more than is required is stupid.




  • Book corporate apartments


Hotel bills can pile up pretty quickly on a business trip. Presuming you plan to stay for more than one night, it makes sense to look for corporate apartments. There are now lots of communities where homes are rented to business people. Staying in one of those apartments will work out cheaper than using hotels. Best of all? You’ll get a full kitchen so that you can save even more cash. You won’t have to eat out every single night of the week. That means you can keep your money in the accounts for those corporate dinners.

  • Hire a car


You would not believe the number of business people who fail to hire a car when they travel. You don’t need us to tell you that taxi costs are expensive. Getting from place to place in a hire car is easy. So long as you ask the leasing company for a satnav, you can’t go wrong. Taxis are okay for short commutes, but nothing too long. On average, you will pay close to $120 per hour to take a taxi ride. Your business can’t afford to foot that bill if you’re moving around a lot. Just do some research before you leave home, and you can have a hire car ready at the airport when you arrive. It’s very simple.

Those were just some of the ways in which you can save money. Of course, you should always use common sense and take each issue as it comes. Just don’t get into the habit of flippantly putting everything on your credit cards. You need to protect the interests of your business by looking after its finances. The best way to limit spending without working too hard is to employ a P.A. You just let them know you want to cheapest deals possible. Then, it’s up to them to keep you happy.  




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