How To Reduce Your Spending On Energy Bills

Over your lifetime, you will spend an enormous sum of money on heating and powering your home. For many, this is just a normal part of our monthly outgoings. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many households with a little time and effort can save hundreds or thousands on their utility bills per annum.


Our first step on the way to saving money will cost you some initial outlay in the first place. You would be surprised at just how much power those old fashioned light bulbs cost to run. Change every one of your bulbs out for the new energy saving ones. The initial cost will be much more as you will only be able to purchase one new bulb. You could have probably picked up a pack of the old ones for the same price. The savings will be huge, firstly they last for much longer than traditional bulbs, and secondly they are saving electric every time they are in use. Another thing to look at replacing is our old appliances. An old PC or a gaming console, for example, can consume much more power than a modern laptop or newer generation hardware.


Google local suppliers by searching for example heating oil in Manchester to find the best operators. Changing your boiler from an older model to a modern energy-efficient model will save you a lot of money over time. Condensing boilers recycle used emissions and in effect your money. You can also consider changing your fuel type from gas to oil. Many companies offer the supply of heating oil and the storage facilities and level monitoring ensuring they deliver before you run out.




If you have the money, you can think about installing solar panels on your home. However, many people live in rented accommodation and places where this is just not viable. Another great use of solar energy is to replace outside lighting. Lights that adorn your path, light up the front of your home or act as security deterrents are all available in solar formats these days. They will save you time installing them without running electricity cables all over the house. Many currently available solar lights have years long guarantees. You can simply have the rechargeable batteries replaced should they run into problems.

Get Help

Regardless of your income, many large energy suppliers are committed to helping you get the most out of your home. Schemes are in place where they will either pay for or contribute to the cost of getting a local business to insulate the loft in your home. Some are also helping to provide cavity wall insulation. These relatively simple actions can and will save you a lot of money over time, and will leave your home feeling much more snug over the winter months. Another great idea is to do some insulation yourself. You can buy Insulation kits from large DIY stores that offer draught proofing and double glazing film. This is applied by simply cutting to size and using a hairdryer. It works by trapping a layer of air between the window and the film providing a double glazing type effect.



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