How to Organise Your Messy Personal Finances

If you personal finances in a mess, you need to sort things out quickly. Ignoring it too long can lead to financial disaster, so read on to find out how you can put things in order.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter will stop you having an organised system for your finances. So, you need to have a look at all the documents and papers you have and decide which of them are useless to you. You can make digital copies of mot documents and then get rid of the rest. For example bills and receipts for inexpensive items can be scanned into the computer and got rid of immediately. There’s no need to keep the physical copy.

There are some instances when you’ll need to keep hard copies though. Tax-related documents like tax returns should be kept for a minimum of seven years before they’re thrown away. Another way to reduce clutter is to stop receiving bank and credit card systems in paper form. Most banks now allow you to opt to have them sent electronically instead. And finally, remember to shred documents when you’re done with them, don’t just throw them in the bin.

Use a Financial Planner

A financial planner can help you to make the right decisions and investments relating to your personal finances. They not only make sure that your finances are in order, but they also can give you expert advice on what to do with your cash and then carry out transactions for you. This is a great relief if you’re one of those people, like most of us are, who finds finances and financial planning a little confusing.

Do your research before you hire a financial planner though. You can find independent financial advisers all over the internet, so make sure they’re reputable and trustworthy before you do anything else. It’s usually best to organise a meeting in person and discuss your financial situation in detail. This will benefit both parties in the long-run.


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Start a Filing System

A good filing system should be the heart of your personal finances. This should become a lot easier to do now that you’ve cut down on the amount of clutter filling up your home. It can become very difficult to put a filing system in place when your home is overflowing with too many pieces of paper and files. You should put your new filing system in place at the same time as you clearout the junk that you no longer want or need.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of filing system you choose to employ. As long as it keeps your files organised and makes sense to you, it should work fine because you’ll be the one using it most. Once your filing system is in place, you’re going to have to make sure you maintain it carefully. If you organise it once and then let it go to ruin again, the whole process will have been pointless.

Getting your finances in order doesn’t have to be complicated, so don’t put off the task any longer!



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