Here’s What HR At Work Can Do For You!

A lot of people do not know what their Human Resources Department (HR) do at work. But they can be very useful when you have an issue with your job role and do not want to seek support from colleagues or your boss. Here’re the top reasons why you might speak to an HR associate at work.


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Talk about tax

Tax is a nightmare and if it isn’t sorted at the start, it can be a nightmare to solve later on. If you think your tax is wrong, you should take a look at your account to see if your pay amount has changed recently. If it has, you should consider visiting the HR department at work. They will be able to give you advice on tax such as understanding 0t tax codes, and will be able to help you if you are not on the right tax code.



Issues with your colleagues

One of the biggest problems in the workplace is when you start not getting on with your colleagues. As you spend so much time at work, it can be a nightmare if you fall out, or have a big disagreement. It can make going to work horrendous, and can cause your job performance to waiver. In this case, it might be worth talking to your HR department about your concerns about your colleague. They may be able to speak to you both and offer a mediation service. Or they may even move you both to different departments. If you are feeling discriminated at work by a colleague, or a co-worker is being sexist towards you, this should also be made aware to your HR team. They will be able to give them a formal warning, and move them away from you.


Sick leave

If you are sick or injured and have to take some time off work, it can be a nightmare for your finances. As we talked about previously, it can be even more frustrating if it wasn’t  your fault. You should speak to your HR team about whether you are entitled to any payment for leave. They may require a note from your doctor. You might be able to work from home, and the team will be able to check the practicability of this. If the injury was caused at work, you might be able to get some compensation.


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Issues with your contract

When we start a new job, you need to make sure that the contract is fair. Read it all thoroughly, and you may even choose to seek legal advice. If there is something wrong with the contract, you should talk to HR about parts that you do not agree with. They will be able to discuss it for you with the director.


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Unfortunately, not all employers stick to the rules. If they break any terms of your contract, you can start grievance proceedings against them. Make it clear what you are not happy about and give them a time limit for responding to you.


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You are not alone when you have difficulties at work. The HR team are there to help.


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