Financial Stress? Here Are The Main Causes

There are many things in life that will cost money. But, there are certain things that will keep costing you money time and time again. Here are the main things that put a constant strain on your finances:


It will come as no surprise to learn that bills will cause you financial stress. There are so many different bills you might have to pay. Commonly, people will pay a range of household bills every month. This includes your gas, water and electricity bill. Also, you’ll have a telephone and internet bill to pay as well. Most people will then pay their TV bill too unless they choose to stick with free TV. On top of all of this, you’ll have any other bills you might pay. You may have various subscriptions that you pay for every month/year. Most of you will find that you have letters with bills enclosed coming through your letterbox every week!


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If you drive, then a car will end up costing you lots of money. Buying the car itself will cost a fair bit, and then there are all the running costs. Insurance and car tax will cost you, not to mention having to pay for fuel all the time. Also, you have to pay to get your car serviced, so that’ll cost you too! Think this is bad? If your family has two cars, you can double all these costs!


Having a pet is lots of fun, but they also cost lots of money. The initial cost of a pet is one thing; then you have to consider everything else. A place for them to sleep, toys to play with, things to groom them. Not to mention all the additional food you’ll have to buy for them. Then you have certain pets that might cost you even more money. If you get something like a horse or pony, you’ll need equine insurance. Certain breeds of dog will require you to get insurance for them also. You can see how slowly but surely, a pet puts a strain on your finances!


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You probably guessed this was coming after I mentioned pets! Think about some of the costs I just described above. A place to sleep, toys, food, etc. You need to get all this stuff for your kids too! It’s bad enough if you have one kid, let alone three or four! Having children can also mean you need to move to a bigger house. So, that’s more money out of your bank account. Then, there’s the future. You have to plan for your child’s future. This means setting aside money in a savings account for them. The money in their savings account can be put towards their first car or pay for their education.

As you can see, there are many things that will cause you a lot of financial stress. So, it’s important that you’re savvy with your money! Think of ways to stay on top of your finances and make sure you’re living without any money worries.


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