Best Cashback Sites for Saving Money if you’re from the USA

Let’s face it; we’re all consumers in one capacity of another.  Modern society more or less demands that you to participate in commerce in some capacity or another, so why not become a more wise and frugal spender?  In truth, once you become well-versed in the use of the following resources you might not even need to trim expenses – that’s how useful some cash back programs actually are.   Aside from simply watching what you purchase and trimming up any needless expenditures, you might find it worthwhile to investigate some of the great “Cash Back” sites out there.  Through them you can be sure to receive some small, but helpful bonuses and coupons for simply using the site.  If you’re a US shopper and want to save some cash, consider the following…

When it comes to searching for cashback deals, is one site that should be at the top of your list.  The interface is nice and they even offer up weekly suggestions which cover all the basics, as they say.  Peering over to the list on the left of the landing page, you’ll find a staggering number of categories comprising nearly everything you can possibly think of, even including coupons for in-store pick-up as well as vacation and travel discounts.

Not only does this site have a continually updated list of available deals spanning a very wide spectrum of cashback deals, but it also helps you to keep all your coupon shopping better organized.  You’ll find a bit of everything here, including detailed information concerning processing times from your favorite retailers.  There are literally hundreds of deals.



As perhaps the world’s most visible and noteworthy supplier of computer technologies, software and other things, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft might have some type of desirable cashback program.  In fact, they have several to take note of.  First off, if you’re a MS reseller, there’s a great opportunity here:

Similarly, if you’re going to be purchasing Microsoft products via Ebay, look for specific Cash back offers on select items.  Likewise, if you’re into gaming or want to return some software / hardware, you’ll find this aggregating site to be useful (and it might even a lot you savings of up to 10%):


Assuming that you’re looking for some great retail offers spanning everything you need for your home up through clothes; Kohl’s offers some really appealing cashback incentives.

Their Kohl’s Cash program essentially credits your account with an extra $10 for every $50 that you spend (per transaction).  Assuming that you’re going to need to go on a retail shopping spree to stock up on various items, this represents a pretty awesome opportunity for massive savings.


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