Best “Cash back” Sites for Saving Money for US citizens

With an overwhelming number of people in seemingly dire economic straits these days, it’s important to look for additional ways to pinch pennies, as they say.  After all, why cut back when you can simply mine the internet for awesome deals, eh?   If you’re located in the US and frequently find yourself seeking out online retailers, you should be happy to note that there are some nice deals and offers out there to take advantage of.  Better yet, there are sites which offer you “Cash Back” deals, which look extremely attractive.  All you need to do is use these sites in order to reap the benefits they’re offering.  We’ve put together a list of examples covering a number of different categories, enjoy…

While it can be used as a general reference tool when it comes time to look for online coupon codes, can also function as a sort of cashback portal.  Depending on what offers specific businesses are promoting, you’ll find all sorts of interesting deals including percentage reductions, BOGO free, as well as more conventional cashback opportunities.  Moreover, when you consider that you can also use the site to print or bring along mobile coupons, the savings really start to pile up.

When it comes to Cashback deals, perhaps no site is more well-known than  Seriously, they’re stocked full with some incredible offers from major retailers as well as smaller vendors.  Additionally, you’ll find an extremely wide variety of options available with regards to choices, with hundreds of options available for each category (and did we mention that there are tons of categories?)  If you’re less apt to do some hardcore searching, no problem – they promote various weekly deals right on the landing page, ensuring that you’ll receive cashback rewards from between 5% – 10%. is a distinctive, somewhat stripped-down and distinctively green-tinted site which offers direct access to plenty of excellent deals.  As with many similar sites, it features an alphabetically arranged list of offers which includes all the well-known retailers and more.  Don’t get the wrong idea though, this site also features great information for travelers, including details on hotel points, airline points, and even bank/credit points.  It’s pretty much a one-stop destination for those who love to travel and shop.

Of all the sites listed here, is probably the most plain, but at the same time, it hosts a very large number of deals.  Through this site you can very quickly find amazing deals from all your favorite shops and retailers, including many that you might not have previously been familiar with.  Their specialty is cashback comparisons, and needless to say, they’re pretty good at helping consumers contrast the various offers out there.


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