A Guide To Money-Saving For Military Families

Are you the spouse of a military service member? If so, and you have one or more children together, you will doubtless know that you are “in charge” of the household. Your spouse could get called to active duty at any time, and so it is your job to provide some stability in your home for your kids.

The sad truth is that military personnel seldom get paid “good” salaries. Despite allowances given towards housing, it can sometimes be hard to make money stretch in many a household. Therefore, it’s essential that you know how to be savvy with your spending habits.


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The commissary isn’t always the cheapest place for groceries

One of the perks of military life is that things like food and drink are cheaper than in most civilian stores. I say “most” because there will be some occasions where it costs less to buy products in bulk from places like Costco.

Before you buy from the commissary, it’s worth seeing if you can get your household goods and groceries off-base. You can often compare prices using the Internet.

Compare gas prices on and off the base

You will doubtless have a car that you transport the family in from time to time! To keep that vehicle moving, you need to fill up the tank with gas every so often. Gas prices are generally cheap when you fill up at the base.

But, did you know that it can sometimes work out better if you buy petrol from a civilian filling station? If you live off-base, you might be tempted to buy your gas when you next go on the base.

Sometimes it can work out to be more cost-effective buying from a local vendor. Especially if your base is several miles away from your home.

Consider living off-base

Are you and your family living on a military base at the moment? If so, you ought to consider living off-base at a nearby property.

Believe it or not, providers like Ultris Abbey Rowe can offer cheaper housing. It’s also worth bearing in mind the quality of off-base homes is miles better than anything the DoD will ever offer!

If you live off-base, and your new home is cheaper than the old one on your base, you can pocket that spare BAH (i.e. housing allowance) money!

Keep fit for less (or even for free)

One of the best ways to “let off some steam” is to go to the gym. There are plenty of options open to you. For instance, you can use the gym facilities at your base. Otherwise, spend some time looking for a military-affiliated gym.

That way, you’re likely to get discounted, or even free gym access for you and your family! Some gyms will even assign a fitness instructor to you as well.

Eat for less during Thanksgiving at your base

The sad truth is that many civilian restaurants charge more for food during Thanksgiving. I recommend eating your meals at your base’s catering halls. Not only will it cost you less, but you will still enjoy a hearty meal!



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