A Buyer’s Guide To Financing Your Next Car


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The whole buying process of buying a new car can be a difficult and stressful one. You might get lucky and be buying a new car because you want a new one, or you might be unlucky and your old one will have broke down completely. In either case you will have to find a new car, research it and turn up to give it a good once over. You’ll also have to consider a whole mess of financial implications as you start on your journey to owning a new vehicle.

There are many ways to finance a new vehicle, but it can be hard to know which is right for you. Next to making sure that the car’s suited to your purpose, making sure that the financing system you have in place is correct will be the most important thing to consider. A car is a large purchase for any family or individual, and its cost can be a pretty big burden to carry. Whether you’re buying your new vehicle directly from the forecourt of a dealer, or you’re going through an online service. You’ll need to find the right way to pay what you owe.

With that in mind, here’s a bit of added information on the different ways to go about financing your new car.


This would appear to be the most financially responsible way of buying your next car. Your savings will have been saved exactly for a moment such as this, so you should strongly considering using them for this purchase. You can either use them for the whole purchase or just a part. In both cases they will mean that you have no or less of an obligation as you move forward. Paying straight out of your own pocket will establish you as financially capable, and afford you some peace of mind.

Dealer Loan

Many dealers themselves will offer you a loan. Their terms will usually be somewhat different to a usual loan, so it’s worth doing some research. In this contract, you will usually put down a significant deposit, before paying for the rest of it over a period of many months. The loan is secured against the car, meaning this is a less risky option than most other loans, where your assets can be considered collateral. Both new and used dealerships such as

Motorline Direct offer deals such as this, which can really ease the financial strain of buying a new car.


You could also arrange to have a loan. The benefit here is that the vehicle will be cheaper to you on a short term basis, as smaller payments will be due monthly now. This is a great way of establishing your responsibility as a borrower, which will come to favour you when you start to look for a bigger loan such as a mortgage. Of course, the downside is that it will also cost more in the long run, as you pay for APR on top of the cost of the initial loan.


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