5 Simple Tips For Increasing The Value Of Your Property

After a long time of low property value, things are finally starting to look up – house prices are starting to rise. Meaning that if you have been thinking about selling your home for a while, now is the perfect time to take the leap and put your property on the market.

Although house prices have risen, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your house is at the value you would like it to be. If your home isn’t at the value-level you hoped for, there is no need to worry, there are plenty of things you can do to increase its value.

Here is our guide to five simple ways you can increase the value of your property:

  1. Make your home as spacious as possible

Buyers are automatically drawn to properties that are more spacious, which is why these properties often reach higher prices.

Knock out a non-structural wall or remove your kitchen island – do whatever it takes to make your home appear more spacious. While these kinds of home improvements can be a little pricey, the value they add to your home often makes it worth it.

  1. Freshen up your property


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It’s amazing how much of a difference giving your home a fresh coat of paint can make. Opt for a neutral colour and paint both the interior and exterior of your home.

If you’re a skilled painter and decorator then by all means do your painting yourself, but if you struggle to keep things neat, consider hiring a professional. Believe it or not, something as small as a bad paint job, is enough to put many buyers off.

If painting the outside of your property is too difficult, hire a pressure washer and use that to clean up your property. As long as the exterior paint hasn’t bubbled or peeled, pressure washing can make your property appear freshly painted.

  1. Focus on maintenance

Although the idea of fitting a fancy new bathroom might sound good, in theory, it will be expensive and will take a lot of hard work. Plus, it may not increase the value of the property enough to cover the cost of the project.

Instead of thinking about fancy updates for your property, focus on maintenance. Proper care and maintenance of your property is essential – if a property is well maintained, buyers are more inclined to invest in it.

Go around the inside and outside of the property and look for anything that needs fixing or replacing. From roof tiles to loft insulation, anything that’s old or broken should be fixed or replaced before your property goes on sale.

Don’t forget to give the garden a once over – trim the lawn, cut the shrubs and hedges, clear clutter, etc. Your garden is a part of your home, so it is crucial that it looks just as appealing.

  1. Make your property energy efficient

A home that is energy efficient will gain a lot more interest than a property that isn’t. If you want to increase the value of your property, as well as its appeal, making it more energy efficient is a must.

Replace your boiler with an energy efficient alternative. Replace old appliances with energy-friendly upgrades. If the property’s windows aren’t already double glazed, have them replaced. Think about the best ways you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and implement them.

Follow these handy tips and you can not only add value to your property, but also increase its sale speed.


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