4 Things That Every Online Seller Should Be Doing


Selling online is a pretty simple concept to master. If you can shift goods for more money than you’ve paid then you are onto a winner. Simple as that.

However, actually doing this is much harder than it looks. The online marketplace is fierce and any seller will have to pull out all the tricks to make sure their products are the ones that sell.

Here are four ways to ensure you don’t fall into the obscurity of online selling wilderness.

Sell On Your Own Website & Third Parties

A lot of newcomers to the world of ecommerce think there are basically two ways to go about business. It’s either use your own website, or trade on websites like eBay and Amazon. The real answer, though, is to combine the two streams.

Third parties offer you a chance to sell to an audience of millions, which is almost impossible on your own. However, selling from your own website gives complete control and also shaves off a few pennies accumulated from using an external source.

Moreover, selling on your own website eliminates the possibility of customers finding another seller.

Offering Multiple Payment Streams

As well as offering various selling outlets, you should be looking to accept multiple payment streams. The idea that you could cut off potential clients because they simply cannot pay you is an absolutely ludicrous concept that any decent seller would be quick to rectify.

If you can’t accept everything then PayPal is an absolute must as most people will already have an account. Even those who don’t can use the resource to make a one-off payment from their debit card.

Nonetheless, if you accept other forms like Bitcoin and Sagepay then you should look into it.

Running Their Own Accounts

One of the many benefits from running a small, streamlined business online is that your overheads are almost non-existent. Aside from a few web hosting costs, the main one is admin.

These jobs will usually eat up your time or your capital. You either have to spend hours learning these tasks, or pay someone a hefty sum for them to do it. In today’s world, that doesn’t have to be the case as computer-based services allow you to combine aspects of DIY and professional help to get the job done quickly and cheaply. For example, online accountancy can allow almost anyone to organise and run that side of the business with minimal fuss and without the need to spend a bucket load on an expert.

Utilise Social Media

If you are selling online then it is vital that you acquire a strong online presence. Social media platforms are a great way to do this.

Having a Twitter and Facebook page give your customers the opportunity to contact you 24/7, which in turn increases their trust in your services. Trust is a key cog in building a strong relationship with clients so you should always answer questions quickly and properly.

Meanwhile, it’s also a great place to advertise the business for very little cost. With the potential to reach millions, you’d be a fool to turn that opportunity down.


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